As the years go on it seems that we no longer talk to each other unless it’s via a mobile device. We seem desperate to find out what’s happening on Facebook or Twitter, obsessed with taking photos of the meals we have just prepared, or have been served at the local restaurant, and even the strange addition to ‘filters’.

Applications such as Snapchat have turned us all into face pulling idiots, in that we sit there and pull the stupid of expressions in order to get that perfect photo. The below example just nails my point:


I know it’s funny, and for a short period it is, but people seem to have phones full of these photos that they show others again and again, take more and then repeat the process.

What ever happened to the art of conversation?

When you just look around the restaurant, or even just look at people sitting together anywhere, you notice that people aren’t really talking or really taking notice of the people they are sat with, it’s more like small talk while they look at their phone. I think if the person means anything to you then put the phone away and really connect with the person or people you are with. I feel that restaurants should have no Wifi, so that people have no option than enjoy the company and really talk.

Do people really want to see photos of meals?

Why not just tell them in words when you see them next. This applies to going out photos too. There seems to be loads of photos of people posing with the caption ‘Going out tonight‘ while holding a glass of wine and then this follows several of pulling stupid faces while they drink before being posted on a social network. We never used to do this, we had a drink and went out, enjoyed ourselves (socially without the use of phones) and if people wanted to know about the night then we spoke about it in person.

Lack of self expression…

There also seems to be a huge thing about posting these inspiring or expressing memes. They have some nonsense such as ‘I don’t care what people think about me‘ written with an image of an angry face or something. It’s clear to anyone that they clearly do care and this is there outburst. The other is having a go at someone but rather than telling that particular person, they just make it vague with the result being people writing ‘You ok‘, ‘What’s going on‘ and ‘sending you hugs‘. I class these as attention seeking posts as if you have a problem with one person then tell them and not involve everyone in your half-arsed battle.

Copy and paste…

The other thing that is clogging up the news feeds is the whole ‘copy and paste’ thing. People can’t even take the time to write something from the heart, write something that they are dedicated with or feel passionate about, so they resort to just copy and pasting someone elses words onto their status then asking others to copy and paste it to theirs.


If you suffer from depression, anxiety, an illness like cancer or know someone that suffers something like the above text then take the time to write something about it, explain how you truly feel or tell us a charity or person that you feel needs praise. Let us see the passion in your status. I don’t care if it’s misspelt, has grammar issues or doesn’t flow but at least it would be from you, rather than just seeing something and thinking that using another person’s words will do when describing about a loved one. Express yourself.


I am sure people reading this are saying different and I am sure they are the same people that are guilty of looking at their phones every five minutes in order to see the latest update. I was guilty of it too but learned that I was wasting so much time where I could be doing something else instead. I didn’t want to become obsessed with a device that it took over my life. I feel this is maybe the reason that so many children suffer with anxiety and confidence issues as they are glued to the screen and don’t really interact on a face-to-face basis. Parents should limit the time they are exposed to the screen but a lot of parents use the iPad or tablet to keep them occupied when they haven’t got time to play with them, read to them or give them attention. If the screen time was limited to both parent and child then maybe the relationship would be a lot better. Screen time is fine but not for long periods, not as a pacifier and should incorporate reading books, outside time and social interaction (Non device type).

Don’t get me wrong, I think it is good to have social media, so that loved ones from other towns, counties or even countries can keep in touch, business can grow their customer base and you can find useful groups and information but I feel there is too many applications today. Facebook and Twitter are the main ones then we have Instagram, Snapchat, Bebo, Foursquare, Google+, MySpace, Tumblr to name just a few. I know that these business are trying to be in competition with each other but it seems that most of these sites have exactly the same content. In order to check social media these days, it takes most of the morning to check each application, respond to each person, add your content and then before you’ve logged off, people then start to respond to your recent content. It’s a vicious circle.

Are you addicted?

There is a simple test: Buy a bog standard cheap phone that only has the phone calling ability and see how long it is before you have to put your sim card in your smart phone and start browsing the applications.

I bet the majority of people would never be able to do that, never mind last a whole day without the need to go on Facebook or the likes.

Let’s talk to each other, face to face and ignore the phone in your bag/pocket. When you’re out at the restaurant, put the phone away and don’t pick it up till you’re leaving (Unless it’s ringing).

Start today!